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Sample Financial Reports


Profit & Loss (Income Statement)


How much money did my company make or lose over a specific period of time

Balance Sheet & Net Worth


What is the value of my company (its assets, liabilities, and equity), showing me the individual balances for each account

Cash flow (Statement of Cash flows)


What was the cash inflow (from profit and additional cash received) and cash outflow (cash spent) during a specific period of time

Job Costs by Vendor & Job Summary


What are my company's job-related expenses for each vendor, subtotaled by job

Job Costs Detail


What are the expenses my company has incurred for each job

Unpaid Bills by Job


For each job, which bills haven't been paid or reimbursed by your customer

Expenses Not Assigned to Jobs


Jobs What are the expenses that haven't been assigned to a customer or job

Profit & Loss by Job


How much money did my company make or lose on each job

Open Purchase Orders by Vendor


What are the open purchase orders, by vendor

Bank Reconciliation


Bank Account Balance Reconciliation with Books Balances


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